Product Care

Pure Soy Candles
To guarantee the perfect burn of your soy candle, always burn both wicks at the same time until the soy wax melts out to the side of the container. This creates an even burn otherwise you may get soy wax remaining along the sides of the container. Never burn your soy candle less that 1 hour and longer than 3 hours at a time. Always trim the wicks to 1/4 inch before burning, this also helps avoid the jar turning black. Always leave at least 1cm of soy wax at the bottom of the container. Do not let the candle burn lower than this, as the flame will continue to heat the wax and could cause the glass to shatter while the flame is still lit. WARNING never leave a candle burning unattended.

Appearance of your soy candle.
All our luxury pure soy candles are hand made using on the finest soy wax available. Sometimes soy wax may not adhere to glass causing a wet look or frosting to your candle. This is not a defect but a blemish that happens when using soy wax and climate changes. It will not effect the candle in anyway but is just a natural occurrence. Also due to the colour difference in fragrance oils we use, some candles may darken over time, or turn a bright yellow colour due to the sun or near fluorescent lights. This is not a fault, it is purely the fragrance oils. The only thing that stops this happening is a toxic additive that we wish to not add into the candles as we like to you to know that your are burning a truly clean pure soy candle.

Luxury Reed Diffusers
Rotate reeds weekly for continuous fragrance. Our luxury reed diffusers last 6 months +.
Always keep out of reach of children and pets.
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Do not swallow. Seek medical attention straight away if consumed.
Avoid contact with wooded and synthetic surfaces.
Avoid excessive heat and flames.
Do not light the reeds.
Keep out of direct sunlight.
Do not use this product for anything other than what it was intended for.

Appearance of your luxury reed diffuser.
Some room diffusers liquids may change colour once they have been opened. Please note- this is not a fault but completely normal, the fragrance in the diffuser reacts with the oxygen in the air to produce a slight colour variation.

Luxury Body Bars.

Suitable for all skin types.

Always patch test before use. For external use only. Avoid contact with eye. If skin irritation does occur, discontinue use and rinse immediately.